Rita has shared her gift with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. The following is a collection of kind words and shared experiences from just a few of her satisfied customers.

Nancy K. — New York, NY

“I have experienced many influential Tarot card readings throughout my life, but meeting Rita was a godsend. I was at a crossroads in my life, in between jobs, searching for meaning and direction. Rita welcomed me with her warm, down-to-earth personality and I felt at ease immediately. I was most impressed by her wise intuition, gifted psychic skills and sacred knowledge of the cards that provided me with inspiring and insightful guidance. Her predictions were amazingly accurate and her compassionate and supportive nature encouraged me to move forward in my journey with confidence and clarity. I continued to study Tarot with Rita. As a dedicated teacher she is creative, nurturing, patient and enthusiastic.  Rita respectfully instructed me on the ancient symbolism of Tarot, how to unfold its mysteries and discover truths.  Most importantly, I learned how to further develop my own intuition and trust that divine inner voice we all have within.  Thank you Rita…you are indeed an angel.”

Andrew S. — Long Island, NY

“I do not usually post on websites, but I must highly recommend Rita as a guide to your loved ones. On a recent visit she was able to connect with my deceased Father, who validated his presence  by telling me of occurrences that only he or I would know. I was amazed and moved. Sharing my Father’s messages with me filled me with such joy, that it lighted my heart and my mood for weeks to come, in the realization that not only does my Father see me, he also shares my experiences too. Rita’s warmth and compassion places you at ease, as she takes you on a spiritual journey you will not soon forget. I cant thank her enough for the journey she led me through, which has me anticipating my next visit. If you are looking for someone to connect  you with your loved ones, your search is over, as Rita is the one to see.”

Christine M. — Holbrook, NY

“I had my first reading with Rita back in the summer of 2001 when I was going through a very difficult time. I had had several readings prior, but NONE compared to my time with Rita. I didn’t tell her anything about myself, yet she explained my life to me perfectly through her cards. She really blew my mind by how spot on everything was. Rita’s readings empower me to make the best decisions for me in my life, and life in general. Rita’s no nonsense style helps me reduce my anxiety about many situations. I consider her readings to be guidance in my everyday life. She not only does accurate readings, she really cares about her clients and after all these years I consider her a friend. I have recommended her to many of my friends, and they have now become her clients. She really IS the best!!”

Maria S. — Long Island, NY

”I met Rita in a strange twist of fate…well, knowing that there are no “coincidences” I realized that I was meant to meet her. I needed to meet her. I was making my periodic visit to a local restaurant for a mini reading with my usual reader. She was really booked so I was offered a reading with Rita instead. The minute I sat down she immediately brought out very specific issues relating to one of my children. It was fascinating. After I left I felt I’d like to see her again for a full session. I contacted her and we met just after New Year’s Day. My meeting with her literally changed my new year! She was very specific about my issues and blocks to love and relationships. She gave me all the tools I needed to make small but significant changes in myself. She told me she felt the energy of a man with the initial “J” who had two children. This did not make any sense to me as I had just started dating a man with the initial “D” and three children. She told me that “D” was not “the one.” She smiled and was happy and excited for me as she was sure that my soul mate had not yet come. Four days later, from out of nowhere, a friend called to set me up with his friend who he told me was a great guy. As you can guess, his name starts with a “J” and he has two children. We connected immediately and so far, it’s been amazing. The important lesson here for me was not that Rita pin-pointed this guy, though that’s impressive! Rather, she worked with me, giving me a blueprint so that I could find and get what I wanted. I encourage anyone who is looking for personal growth to meet with Rita. She’s enthusiastic, compassionate and beautifully gifted.”

Helen C. — Long Island, NY

“Rita, I can say without fail your last reading gave me much needed closure I so desperately wanted after my Mother passed away. I miss her very much and there are times I have felt alone…and then through you she spoke and told me I am never alone, that she is always around me. What a comforting thought that is; add to that – there were some things you said that only she and I would have known about and that touched me beyond words. As I think back on the reading my eyes are welling up. Through the years , the guidance through your sessions have always been honest, private and thought-provoking…and the things that you have brought up to me have always come to pass. Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Lisa P. — Houston, TX

“I remember the first time I ever met Rita. I cannot lie, I only did it for fun because I NEVER took tarot cards and psychics seriously. I always saw those people on TV and thought to myself that they knew how to read people, and had all kinds of training to pull information off people’s body language so they could tell them what they wanted to hear. When I met Rita I can honestly say she made me a believer. She provided such a comfortable and safe feeling while doing my tarot reading. I would write down notes on everything she told me and was amazed at things she picked up on, that I honestly NEVER tell anyone. It was amazing to see her do that. I would keep my readings in a drawer and every-so-often pull them out to read what she said. To my surprise almost everything she’s ever told me has happened. Time wise things happen in different variations but it happened! I was shocked. I know now that when and if I ever go to a reading that I will only do it with her. I know her as a great friend now and know she will only speak with truth and honesty and never tries to steer me wrong. She is well worth going to see. You won’t be disappointed!”

Valentine — Long Island, NY

“Hello Rita!! I just wanted to thank you so much for reading me last Tuesday in Seaford. I was the young man with the tattoos and you connected me with my grandfather. You have brought so much happiness towards our family through me. I have referred my cousin to you. You were absolutely spot on with everything you were telling me. Again I just want to say thank you and you’ve made me a true believer. I always had a little skepticism towards mediums, but that has since changed. Enjoy your day and I hope to see you again one day.”

Danika — Newport Beach, CA

“I don’t know where to begin when it comes to communicating how much of a blessing Rita’s reading has been in my life. I had never been to a medium before or had my cards read and so I was of course a little skeptical heading in… and then I was just blown away. Rita started by channeling my Grandmother and it just felt like time stood still. She reminisced on things that no one could have possibly known about our family and my relationship with my Grandmother, and even told me things that I didn’t know to be true until I confirmed them later with my family. I learned how my Grandmother shows up in my life (my left shoulder) and what her desires were for me and my siblings. I was shocked at how I could feel her sense of humor coming through Rita in the reading. I was truly in awe and wish I recorded the experience so I could relive it over and over. It was such a special time to connect and to seek wisdom from someone I thought I’d never get to speak to again… at least in this lifetime.

After connecting with my Grandmother, Rita read my cards, and this was such a transformative experience. What I really liked about this was that it wasn’t so much predicting the future as it was advice and wisdom and guidance. It was incredibly positive and it was like each card answered another silent inquiry I’d been having in my head for years. Rita’s reading gave me the encouragement to follow my instincts more. I was reminded that I thrive living by the ocean, confirming a pending move back to my home in California that I had been considering for some time. She helped me move away from a one-sided love I’d had for years, and I soon realized that letting go of it was exactly what I needed to clear the space for my dream life to enter. Rita’s reading confirmed to me that I was on the right track career-wise but not tapping in to one of my skills and passions as deeply as I should be. As a result, I followed this nudge and now own and operate my dream business living by the beach in Southern California, that incorporates every single one of my passions into one perfect box. I could go on and on about how much I took away from this experience, and I am counting down the days until the next time I can do a reading with her again. I would fly back to NYC in a heartbeat for the chance to have another experience like this, and I’d bring a dozen friends with me too. After hearing me rave and rant about it over and over, I have a very long list of Rita enthusiasts in my corner.

Rita is the absolute real deal, and the influence of our brief reading has had profound effects on my life since the day we met. It is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and I urge anybody with even a fraction of curiosity about the metaphysical to make Rita’s reading the first on your “to-try” list. Thank you Rita for a life-changing experience. My days have forever changed for the better, and I am eternally grateful for your gifts.”

Joe P — Lynbrook NY

“I’ve had many sessions with various energy healers, all of which have been wonderful and very helpful. I can confidently say that my crystal healing session with Rita was among the best, if not my favorite. The intensity of the energy that she conjures using the crystals left me feeling moved, relaxed, and rejuvenated. This, coupled with her extensive knowledge about the crystals, leaves little to be desired. A session with Rita is worth every penny.”

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