Rita offers a wide range of services that will help unlock the mystery to give you a better understanding of the past, enhance the present and envision the future.

Private Readings

Private readings for individuals and couples can be held in my home on Long Island, NY, conducted over the phone, or set up as a video conference via Google Meet. All readings are scheduled as a 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Available private readings include:

Future Forecast: This reading includes past, present and future events to help you gain insight, perspective and clarity on your life’s path. This session will allow you to make empowered decisions to achieve your goals and offer ideas on how to tweak what needs tweaking. Remember it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey…it’s time to rock your ride!

Love Bytes: It’s all about your romantic life in this session. The focus is on your current relationship and offers a better understanding of your expectations, your partner’s expectations and how to come together to resolve issues. No relationship is perfect, but you can find ways to be perfect for each other.

Make It Rain: Discover strategies to move from worry and stress to proactive financial decision making in this reading. Unlock the mystery and take control of your financial future by setting realistic objectives in realistic timeframes.” If you don’t know where your next dollar is coming from you probably don’t know where your last dollar went!”

Biz Whiz: Designed with entrepreneurs in mind this session can help identify ways in which to improve overall performance and efficiency to increase your bottom line. Identify strengths and weaknesses to switch up your game plan to create and explore new opportunities. Take your business to the next level with this reading as your guide.

Email Readings

1 or 2 question readings are available via email for any burning issue/s that just can’t wait! A picture of your personal spread will be included with your response. Please ensure that your question/s are worded clearly and concisely… be specific as a vague question will result in a vague answer. Include a pic of yourself to give me an even stronger energy “lock in” and a more personal connection to you!

Psychic Parties

Host a psychic event in the comfort of your own home. Celebrate a new and exciting way to get together with friends and family. The minimum number of guests preferred is 6.

Corporate Gatherings

Make your next corporate holiday party or company picnic a memorable psychic experience with Rita’s Readings. Additional readers will be provided for large functions.


Unlock the mystery to a better understanding of the past, enhance the present and envision the future with my reading as your guide.